Music Classic App


Our client wants a premium app product that allows customers to listen to their favorite songs from operas and musicals to sing along with. Think of it as a karaoke app for serious professional singers and teachers.

They want it to have an high quality and premium design feel that evokes the look of a grand piano with the simplicity of something like Apple Music’s art style.


There are 8 main screens. The player screen that plays the tracks, the Playlist screen where users add their favorite songs and playlists, the search screen which includes the database of all of our songs available to sing along with, and the help screen with standard info and FAQs.

It just needs an artistic, Premium Sheen. Things like the look of buttons, the icons, the font, need to evoke a premium and high quality feel. The color scheme should be easy on the eyes, and the favorite colors and textures to be integrated would be the Ivory of the piano keys, the black finish of a grand piano, and an easy to read but sophisticated font.