Clubman Online


Unique online retailer of quality mens shaving and grooming supplies – featuring the brand Pinaud-Clubman and other premium products

Target Audience

Primary: 50+, male Secondary: 25-40, male

Things to communicate to the audience through website

  • Clubman Online is THE best source for Clubman products on the web
  • Clubman Online carries an excellent variety of high quality shaving/ grooming supplies and tools
  • Clubman Online provides expert product/ lifestyle guidance and high customer service

Differentiation from competitors

  • We specialize in Clubman products – the only site with the full array of products
  • We carry a specially curated collection of the worlds finest shaving and grooming products
  • We provide high-touch customer service and have 30+ years experience


Authentic, High quality, Expertise, Classics

Site design needs to serve these purposes:

  • Retro/barbershop feel (but not to the extent that we dont look current).
    The main products (Clubman) are a niche brand that most customers first encountered as a boy in a barbers chair or a club – they have strong emotional connections to this experience that these products evoke.
  • High quality, authentic precision tools for shaving/grooming. There are a number of sites that do this: Shaving101, Art of Shaving, Waterman Pens, Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Levenger. These convey quality, and relevance/utility on a personal level. It may make sense to consider a store within a store idea to separate out the higher quality offerings from the everyday-priced Clubman products.